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【Fixed light(LED) shooting without studio lighting】


【Shooting scene】Animation

The concept of LED studio

I'm giving a demonstration of"LED studio photography"by an animation.
A photo of natural smile is nice! But it is rather difficult to shoot in studio since customers are not relaxed. Babies and children show smile only when they want! How can we see their natural smile? That is why we came up with the idea of LED Studio.

Our LED studio uses only fixed LED lighting, no conventional studio lighting. 
・does not give any strain and stress by using flash to customers.
・Continuous mode can be used and does not miss the moment for shooting with a hand-held camera.

Our strong preference is not only on the back ground but also to create happy space. Generally, studio has cute back paper but there are a lot of shooting equipment such as big cameras, strobes etc. facing customers and it gives stress to customers. Our LED studio is like a normal room, where customers does not see any special studio equipment. The wall and window of this studio is constructed with environment-friendly natural woods, the wall is made from a board and Shikkui(plaster,Japanese traditional natural adhesive) without wallpaper. Our LED studio is all handmade.


LED studio

LED Studio kit           
・Width 4.046m×depth 2.753m×height 2.5m                
※Fixed light(LED) shooting without studio lighting
A set consist of 3 walls(2 side,1 back, back side covered with wooden board), windows, a child play stand, ceiling with 10 LED fluorescent lights, floor (cushioned floor), two steps of independent stage, three-step ladder, four power switches (at ceiling and window).
Dimensions ・Outer dimension:2.753m×4.046mxh2.5m   ・Inside dimension:2.60m×3.65mxh2.5m、
Material (component) environment-friendly natural woods, shikkui(plaster, Japanese traditional adhesive). No steel, no chemical adhesive. All carefully hand-made and constructed manually.
Power supply AC90V-264V. Electric-power-capacity up to 572w
Light source LED40 type fluorescent light 120 : No strobes.
Exposure ISO1000: 1 / 250seconds F4.5 hand-held shooting.
Delivery Approximately 60 days after the receipt of an order.

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◎LED studio setting example.              

◎LED studio gallery(Shooting scenes of children playing lively)              

     Even jumping scene can be shot since continuous mode possible at 1/250 & F4.5 setting.